The Sierra Leone Education Attendance Monitoring System (SLEAMS) is a pilot project led by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) aimed at improving teacher attendance in schools.

Its purpose is to test SLEAMS tools in different schools and settings, gather feedback from all involved and determine the best way of operating the system in a future national roll out.

The SLEAMS pilot rolled out to 43 schools in 5 districts across Sierra Leone in July 2020: Western Area Urban, Karene, Falaba, Bonthe and Kailahun.

The pilot is supported by independent partner Charlie Goldsmith Associates Ltd (CGA), appointed following a GoSL procurement process.

CGA has a long history of working with governments on public service worker attendance, productivity and HR, particularly in Sierra Leone. This includes developing a worker attendance management system for Sierra Leone’s MoHS (hrhsl.org), teacher and pupil attendance monitoring systems in Nigeria, South Sudan and Malawi, and a biometric public officer census in Lesotho.

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